CHannel Palooza FAQ


Everything you need to know before you arrive


Sweet Baby Jesus. Its time for Channel Palooza. Here is your FAQ for the event.

1. Will you have live animals.. 

a. Yes, we will have 2 mules for your enjoyment, no we are not kidding

2. What time do things start, and this is IMPORTANT

a. Wednesday evening 7:00 p.m.

Thursday Brunch; 10:00 a.m.

BUS LEAVES AT NOON on the DOT Thursday. If you show up at 12:01 we will be gone

3. How long is the event

a. 4 hours on Wednesday, you are welcome to hit the local bars post party 11:00 p.m.

Thursday: We will be off the boat at 5:00, we will sit in Austin traffic and be back at Camp Congress by 6:30

4. Can you tell me about my future

a. Yes will have a psychic at the event

5. Dancing

a. Of course DJ Pitch Black will be spinning/hitting play on Wednesday and Thursday

6. Are you going to have any food

a. Yes, we heard you loud and clear that our food sucked last year. We have BBQ Wednesday night, Breakfast Tacos on Thursday morning, Kebobs on the boat and pizza for the after party

7. Am I going to go thirsty.

a. Hell no, open bar at every event, complete with Margarita Machine, Ice Luge, Tequila Bar and Champagne. And we have water, a lot of it…

8. What if I am an expert Bull Rider

a. Boom we have you covered, we have a mechanical bull

9. How hot is it going to be?

a. Think Sahara Desert 97 during the day 76 at night, we also have 7 outdoor AC units to keep you cool on Wednesday night

10. I’m artsy, its there anything for me

a. Duh, Live Poetry writing on Thursday during brunch

11. I like to smoke things (legally)

a. We got you covered with our Hookah Lounge on Wednesday night

12. What should I wear? 

a. Casual clothing, shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops. We do not believe in Business attire or business casual. We believe in Casual

13. What do I wear on the boat

a. We highly encourage you to wear a bathing suit, not because we want to check out your dad bod that you have been neglecting for 15 years. Because you say you are not going in the water, but everyone ends up going in the water. Females should plan on a cover-up. 

14. I don’t like to jump in the lake

a. No worries we have a 2 story slide to get you into the water.

15. I’m into inflatables

a. We wont judge, we are also, we have inflatable swans for the lake.

16. Do I need a towel

a. No we told you this was full service and we meant it, you will get a Channel Palooza towel on the boat or at least the first 100 will.

17. How will we remember this event?

a. We have a photographer on staff for Wednesday evening as well as a Photobooth. There are NO PICTURES permitted on the boat

18. Can I bring a friend

a. Well it depends, if they are an agent Hell Yes, if they are a non-sponsoring Vendor, Hell No

19. I don’t think I can make the boat

a. Sucks for you, but let us know as we have a waiting list

20. Do I need sunscreen for the boat

a. Unless you want to look like a lobster, bring some, we will have some also for those that forget.

21. I can’t swim

a. No worries, we will have a certified lifeguard on the boat.

22. Bathrooms

a. Yes, everywhere, including the boat.

23. My back hurts

a. #1, start going to the gym, if that fails we have masseuses on staff for Thursday during brunch giving chair massages

24. How do I know who to talk too?

a. There are no corners in this venue, you cannot hide. And we made it easy by giving vendors and partners different color wristbands.

25. What if I don’t like to network

a. We suggest you stay home and send someone fun from your office.

26. Can I drive to the boat

a. Hell no, safety first

27. My friend has a boat and wants to meet us.

a. Again, hell no, safety first

28. Why is there a women wearing a cage

a. You need to see it to believe it. We are not telling you

28. Words of Wisdom

a. Eat and stay hydrated

29. I have more questions

a. not sure how that is possible, but if you do email us,